Tuesday, June 24, 2008

`Jacob the Jeweler' gets 2 1/2 years in US prison


Is it truly any surprise that rappers have gangster ties? What are we, stupid?!

I guess that we are...but one should not assume that gangster rappers are actually rappers...should we?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Traditional Marketing Media v. New School Media

Older media is not going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, I see that traditional media is blending with the newer media to allow for an easier integration into society. Due to the differences in our communities within the US, new school media cannot just flip over and start using new techniques for communication, marketing & sales, etc, etc...however, as the people within our society die and the next generation comes to the forefront, I believe that we'll have progressed in terms of the media.

In other words, Gen-Xers' will use some of the technologies that Gen-Y will use, but not quite all of them. As Gen-Y comes to the forefront, they'll use some of the technologies that the generation after them use, to some degree, until we have seen a revolution in the media.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Online or Offline Communities

A recent NPR radio program got me to thinking about how we interact within the different communities to which we belong. Not only do we react differently in person, but we do so based on the context in which we meet people. There are many forms or types of interactions and interactants .

What have you seen in life?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I understand that people don't necessarily want to commit to anything. I have had a number of people that I discussed business ideas with and had them flake. A couple of my friends and I had these great ideas but would never commit to them. We would talk about them time and time again, always coming up with new ideas with no push to actually implement them.

One friend turned out to be an ex-friend as he was unstable mentally. Another friend of mine moved away to Houston and became too busy to do anything with. Albeit, he had a seperate life going on and had been in Houston for quite some time. We never really committed to anything, which I wholeheartedly understand. Another person and I recently sat up to the wee hours of the morning discussing ideas and came to the conclusion that we move forward. A couple of calls as well as a couple of emails proved fruitless...so what went wrong with either or, in this case, all three of these people and, for that matter, anyone else that I have come across that wanted to do something "extra".

I believe that it had several factors affecting the relationship that we all shared. With the first friend, I can rightfully say that it was a change in the friendship. These changes surmounted any possible friendship due to personal reasons and the drastic change that he underwent mentally. With the second friend, I believe that life happened. We both went our seperate ways. While we still maintain a good level of communication with one another, it is the lack of proximity that dealt the deathblow that doomed any kind of business relationship that we might have had. (I don't fault him for this as it goes both ways.) The next person...well, god only knows. Maybe he had a change of mind...maybe he just did not care enough to move forward or maybe he was just threatened enough to not bother. (I am gracious for this individual for opening my eyes to possibilities that I did not know existed.) The last person?! There will always be others out there and therefore I cannot comment on the last person. I am sure that many more will follow.

I have learned several different and very important lessons throughout all this. First, involve only those that you know for a fact are committed to the idea. Ensure that they are not only going to be a part of the plan, but a contributor as well. Second, with distance there comes a seperation. Make sure that the person you are interested in working with understands that and is willing to work to make things happen. The last lesson I have learned is probably the most important; make sure that the idea either of you works on is something that everyone is onboard for and willing to put in the manhours to make it happen.

Monday, June 9, 2008


So, I am at work listening to this online book called Groundswell...the social tools that we have grown to love and know in recent years. Blogging is just a prime example of this tool that will allow us to talk in a future world. I like the book as it helps me to understand what Web 2.0 is and why the new label....rapid innovation.

Social Theory

This is the first blog posting for a Social Theory Blog for class at St Edwards.

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