Tuesday, August 19, 2008

AT&T Uverse Issues

So, I signed up for this UVerse account with AT&T, which is supposed to be this miracle. The installation itself was a hassle, took 6+ hours, but seemed pretty cool...high speed Internet and lots of cable channels over the same line...reminds me of Timewarner Cable TV & Internet, except cheaper.

With the installation, I was supposed to receive a month's free cable as well as $150 back within 4-6 weeks. 12 weeks later I have not received the moneys, just thought to check on it.

I call in to check on the status and the initial person with whom I talked to seemeed like I was doing her a disservice by calling in and providing her with a job, to answer the GD phone. I was transferred to the rebate center where they were taking a number of calls, judging by the background noise...but the person was nice and pleasant to deal with. There was only one issue; she did not have me in their system for discounts. The call ended with me agreeing to have the AT&T customer service reps calling into the rebate center to do a 3-way call and take care of the rebates issues.

I eventually talk to customer service rep who not only knew her ass from a hole in the ground, but was pleasant to deal with as well. Come to find out that I was due a $100 back and the one month free service, instead of the $150 like the previous customer service person said I would receive. (I guess that is what hooked on math does for you.)

Needless to say that things have been "fixed". I need to check back in at https://rewardcenter.att.com/ with my AT&T account number to get the rebate...which is more than I really should have to do at this point. I feel that AT&T is not the best to go with when it comes to issues like this...guess they are banking on the fact people will not be so diligent when trying to get rebates back.

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