Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dell's Craptacular Support

I love calling technical support and being routed to call centers in foreign countries. It seems to me that the chase to the bottom has resulted in piss-poor customer service from major corporations.

Case in point, my dad has called several times to Dell with issues on his 1720 Inspiron. He has had the same issue several times; and, yet, the customer support systems do not seem to keep track of his issues, nor do they take ownership of the issues.....hmm, god bless dell!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Austin Distance Challenge

I was happy to see that the ADC web-site was up, http://austindistancechallenge.com This year Gerardo Flores, aka Jerry, and I are running against one another to see who gets the better time.

Last year was filled full of injuries and disappointment since I lost the race with him to beat the overall timing. I will say this, it was fun to run against him. He says that he is not a strong runner, but he pulled out some damn good times despite what he thinks to be bad running. I am hoping this year that I can run injury or relatively injury free; we'll see.

I am starting off slow by pulling out the biking and what-not as I commute to school. I think that this running season will be better than the last as I am preparing way ahead of time. Last year was a prepare as you run each race type of situation...hence the injuries.

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