Sunday, September 14, 2008

Austin Distance Challenge

I was happy to see that the ADC web-site was up, This year Gerardo Flores, aka Jerry, and I are running against one another to see who gets the better time.

Last year was filled full of injuries and disappointment since I lost the race with him to beat the overall timing. I will say this, it was fun to run against him. He says that he is not a strong runner, but he pulled out some damn good times despite what he thinks to be bad running. I am hoping this year that I can run injury or relatively injury free; we'll see.

I am starting off slow by pulling out the biking and what-not as I commute to school. I think that this running season will be better than the last as I am preparing way ahead of time. Last year was a prepare as you run each race type of situation...hence the injuries.

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