Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Hmm...I inevitably have New Year Resolutions (NYR) that do not come true because I do not try hard enough. There are numerous reasons that I could come up with that prevents these resolutions from coming true, but it boils down to me not putting enough time and energy into it.

So, what am I going to put on my list this year? What will I not accomplish by the end of the year? What will I look back on and say to myself that I should have followed through?

My NYR List:
  1. Dress better. I have always worn clothing that is not what someone who wants to get ahead in life wears. Case in point, I sometimes wear clothing that is not ironed or not very professional to work. I have often worn clothing that does not indicate my status in life, middle class white male in a white collar job. True, I am in the tech industry and the jobs that I have held did not necessarily require me to wear my best duds, but that should not have stopped me from dressing better.
  2. Communication. I need to improve my level of communication in my personal as well as professional life. Often I have failed to talk to my fellow coworkers because I could care less what they have to say or if they had any impact on what I was trying to do at work.
  3. Lose weight. I have a family history of obesity and a myriad of health issues that accompany being overweight.
  4. Exercise more. This dovetails into NYR number 3. I have often felt better after exercising and have fallen off the exercise bandwagon in the past...look where it has gotten me now. Overweight.
  5. Eat healthier. A recent trip to the doctor for my yearly physical showed that I have high triglycerides. In order to get these numbers down, I need to exercise, lose weight, and eat healthier. (I guess that goes without saying....but I had to say it so that I would realize it.)
I am sure that there are a number of other NYRs that I could list; this should do it for now...YEAH.


StevanPierce said...

Today I did exercise and weighed myself. I weigh 179.25 pounds..and so far, I have eaten better. It has been a good thing that I started the exercise and eating healthier kick before the end of last year.

I hate it when everyone starts their new routines at the beginning of the New Year; it makes the start of something new like this so trivial and popular. It is the same old new.

StevanPierce said...

I am actually down a lot of weight, at sub 165 thanks to dietary mods and exercise. I am still trying to get over an issue with my back..but that should go away soon enough with the right stretches and proper strength training.

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